I’m still wrapping my head over the fact that someone has wished to make a Mors Albas character. It’s beyond my comprehension that someone would love my species (no matter how much of a chunky WIP they are) enough that they would take the time and effort to want to make their own character. (Yes they’ve asked me for permission and I’ve given it to them.) It’s just- wow. I’ve never had this experience before. It’s humbling. Really. I really can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Also side note, the Mors Albas are my babies. If you want to make a character, you’ll have to ask my permission, and make sure that you keep them cannon. Also if you make a character you CANNOT sell it, make money off of it, etc. Mors Alba’s are copyright to me. You don’t have to ask permission for things like fan art.

Mors Albas Someone likes them I am very humbled right now

Headworld Building Asks

In about two weeks I’m going to go visit my family in another state. So I’ll be away from my lovely photoshop so art will be all traditional for about a week. Soooo I was wondering if you guys could send some headworld asks my way so I can draw responses. It can be about anything! Characters, creatures, how society works, etc.

Yes, feed me. You know you want to.

headworld asks I'm going to need a loooot For my own sanity


Published on May 30, 2014

An animated feature film from Oscar nominated Tomm Moore

SONG OF THE SEA tells the story of Ben and his little sister Saoirse — the last Seal-child — who embark on a fantastic journey across a fading world of ancient legend and magic in an attempt to return to their home by the sea. The film takes inspiration from the mythological Selkies of Irish folklore, who live as seals in the sea but become humans on land. SONG OF THE SEA features the voices of Brendan Gleeson, Fionnula Flanagan, David Rawle, Lisa Hannigan, Pat Shortt, Jon Kenny, Lucy O’Connell, Liam Hourican and Kevin Swierszsz. Music is by composer Bruno Coulais and Irish band Kíla, both of whom previously collaborated on The Secret of Kells.

Looking forward to this.

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Canvas #3 — ARTIST 360



7 Tips for the 21-Year-Old Me
by Bobby Chiu

When I was a student in college working on my skills as a character designer, I’d had periods where I would sit at my desk working as hard as I could but having little to show for my efforts at the end of the day. I…

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